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When a divorce or separation happens, it feels devastating. Not only is it an extremely emotional time, but there are many practical details to straighten out. Fortunately, you have a friend at Kenny Leigh & Associates. Our family law office serves men throughout the area who are facing any change in family structure. Whether you need are about to get married and want to draft a prenuptial agreement, or you're trying to sort out your finances during a separation, you can count on our family attorney in Ormond Beach, FL.

Unfortunately, in divorce, alimony, and child custody cases, many courts side with the woman. This is unfair treatment. We know you have rights, and we're here to fight for them. After 16 years serving men throughout the area, you know you can count on us to be by your side throughout this tough process. Our calm yet decisive action helps you stay focused on what's important in your case. So when you're ready to work with a family law attorney who is dedicated to getting you the fair results you deserve, schedule a consultation at our office.

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Offering a Wide Range of Family Law Services

We understand that no two clients' situations are the same. That's why we offer comprehensive family law services. Since we are family attorneys for men, you can feel safe coming to us with your side of the story.

No matter why you turn to our firm, you can count on us to stay committed to your case from the initial consultation to the final ruling. So turn to us for legal counsel regarding any of the following:

An Experienced Attorney Who Fights for Your Rights

Getting a positive result from your family law dispute depends on many factors, but one critical factor is how qualified your attorney is. With more than 16 years working in family law, you can count on us for your case. Our specialization as men's family law attorneys means we know the intricacies of the law that go a long way in helping your case. We are passionate about our work and our clients. Schedule a consultation to see how we can help you.

Contact us today to take advantage of our family law services. We proudly serve clients throughout Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach, Florida.