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No one goes into a marriage expecting or hoping to get divorced. That's why when divorce does happen, it's difficult on emotional, financial, and practical levels. Those with children have to determine custody and child support payments. Those without children still have to sort through and untangle their finances and property. Whether clients have been married for a few months or several decades, we're here to make the divorce process as easy as possible.

At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we work with men throughout the community to provide compassionate yet strong legal counsel. With more than 16 years serving our clients, you know you can confidently turn to us when you need a divorce attorney in Ormond Beach, FL.

With our experience focusing exclusively on men's rights in divorce cases, we have gained insight into the details of family law that help our clients' cases the most. Divorce proceedings are often unfair for men, and our services are aimed at upholding your rights during this difficult time.

Working With First-Time Filing and Divorce Modifications

Virtually every part of the divorce process is emotionally draining—and that is especially true for men. You may feel like your former partner is asking for an unfair amount of alimony, or that you're the parent your child should stay with on a regular basis. However, the courts often go against men's wishes. This is why our divorce services are so important.

Our attorneys work with clients through every part of the divorce process. We strive to make your case a fair one when you first file. However, sometimes the initial case doesn't go your way, either because the details surrounding the situation just aren't in your favor or because your first divorce lawyer wasn't committed to your case. In these situations, our attorneys help you file for modifications to the divorce. So whether you're just considering filing for divorce, or you are seeking to modify the outcome, schedule a consultation at our office.

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A Compassionate and Dedicated Legal Team

The very nature of divorce cases is sensitive therefore, it's important to turn to a divorce attorney who is dedicated to getting you the fair results you deserve. That's what you'll find at our family law firm. Our team knows how to remain calm and composed throughout the process without backing down when it comes to your rights.

Contact us today to learn more about our divorce services. We proudly serve clients throughout Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach, Florida.