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When you go through a divorce, you still want to be a part of your child's life—and you have the right to do so. Unfortunately, Florida divorce laws look unfavorably at awarding sole or primary custody to men in most cases. This means that men don't get to see their children as often as they'd like and also have to pay more in child support.

At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we know that you are capable of providing a stable, loving home for your child. In many situations, the father is the parent who could provide the best living environment for his child. When you turn to our child custody attorneys, you get the individualized attention you deserve. We look at the specifics of your case without making assumptions first.

When you want the best for your child, there are a few factors to consider that go beyond custody. No matter who gets custody, you need to determine who is going to pay child support and how much that support will be. If you feel that your child is in danger, you may need to get a protection order. No matter what the situation, our child custody lawyers in Ormond Beach, FL, are prepared to handle every facet of your case.

Putting Your Child's Needs First

Divorce is hard for everyone involved. This is especially true for children because they don't understand the reasons behind the decision. Often, they feel forgotten or may even feel that it's their fault. It's important to stress that they still have a family, but it's just structured a little differently. Part of establishing that new family structure involved deciding where the child would be able to thrive. Our family custody lawyer work with you to show how dedicated of a parent you are and how your living situation is ideal to your child's upbringing.

Even if you have already gone through custody hearings, you can still act on your rights as a father. We provide custody modification services that allow you to appeal the original decision and fight for a better situation for your child.

Grandparents Have Rights Too

There are instances when neither parent can provide a fit home. In these cases, family members' homes may be better living environments. As family custody attorneys, we also work with grandparents to help them give their grandchildren happier, healthier lives.

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