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Getting a divorce doesn't make you any less of a father. At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we know that you want your children to have all the opportunities and experiences they deserve. You want to be there for them, and your finances shouldn't have to be drained to do that.

While men have traditionally been the primary income earners in a household, that's no longer the case—more and more women earn as much as, or more than, men. Unfortunately, many courts haven't caught up to the trend. When you turn to our firm, you'll find a child support attorney dedicated to achieving fair results that put your children's wellbeing first.

After more than 16 years working with men throughout the community, we understand what it means to fight for fathers' rights. Call to schedule a consultation and see how we have become such a trusted source when men need a child support lawyer in Ormond Beach, FL.

Taking Each Party's Financial Status Into Consideration

Each case is different and when you turn to our firm, you'll get the individualized attention you deserve. We look at every facet of your financial situation—beyond basic income. These details are what lead to fairer results. Our legal team examines a variety of financial burdens, including the following:

  • Finding a New Job
  • Purchasing a New Vehicle
  • Renting or Buying a New Home or Apartment

These financial situations all factor into who should pay child support and how much that person should pay. When you turn to a lawyer for child support, you do so because you want what's best for your children. That's what we want, too.

You Are More Than Your Income

In far too many divorces, men are relegated to simply sending a monthly check. We know you want a bigger part in your child's life. That's why we offer a range of services that include child custody. Often, if you make your support payments on time, you can take a step forward in proving how fit of a parent you are and appeal for a custody modification.

To take a more holistic approach to your case, turn to our child support attorney. Our firm accepts only men as clients. Because of this, you know we'll do everything we can to fight for your rights as a father.

Contact us today to learn more about our child support services. We proudly serve clients throughout Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach, Florida.